Roles and Responsibilities

Roles and Responsibilities


  • Leads and assists in the production of OAAA & QAE; Quality Audit, ISAA, and PSAA portfolios
  • Implements changes as directed by OAAA QAE reports


  • Conducts Internal Quality Audits and produces reports that include recommendations and action plans
  • Directs the development and management of Academic Depts’. Risk registers


  • Policy management – reviews existing policies and assists in the development of new policies for approval
  • Committee Structure & TsoR – Annually reviews and updates the CBFS committee structure and TsoR as required

Institutional Development

  • Provides support in the implementation of change management
  • Advocates a philosophy of continuous improvement amongst all CBFS staff
  • Champions a culture of the sharing of good practice amongst all CBFS staff

Institutional Research

  • Produces surveys, analyses the results and disseminates to relevant Faculties/Depts
  • Guides and facilitates local and international benchmarking events


  • Facilitates in the development of CBFS’s Strategic Plan, including as required
  • Reviewing and updating of CBFS’s mission, vison, and values
  • Supports the development of Departmental Operational Plans
  • Delivers CBFS’s Operational Statement and Operational Statement at the end of each semester

Quality Assurance and Enhancement

  • Responsible for providing Action Plans to surveys and follow up
  • Conducts Focus group sessions, as and when required
  • Identifies and implements good practice from within the Omani and International HE community where applicable


  • Quality Audit Portfolio Submission – December 2010
  • Quality Audit Panel Visit – March 2011
  • Quality Audit Report Published – October 2011
  • Institutional Standards Assessment Application Submission – September 2017
  • Institutional Standards Assessment Application Panel Visit – February 2018
  • GFP Quality Audit Portfolio Submission – November 2018
  • GFP Quality Audit Panel Visit – February 2019
  • GFP Quality Audit report published on OAAA website - 11th December 2019.
  • Pilot PSA Porfolio submission - March 2021
  • Pilot PSA Panel visit - June 2021