Admission & Registration

Departmental Objectives

  • To improve student admission and registration in order to support high level of teaching and learning.
  • To establish accurate records of admission and registration.
  • To provide timely updated records to different stakeholders.
  • To ensure proper security and confidentiality of all kinds of students reports.
  • To promote CBFS programme in National and International platforms.
Departmental Responsibilities

  • Providing detailed information and documentation related to available courses and fee structures of CBFS.
  • Improving student satisfaction level of support services provided by the admission and registration department.
  • Providing guidance to support students with proper admission and registration process.
  • Conducting different Verifications for student’s records.
  • Ensure proper and timely communication to different stakeholders regarding the student records.
  • Liaison with Information Technology department to ensure security and backup of the students’ records.
  • Maintaining the hard copies of student reports and ensuring backup.
  • Participating in various exhibitions, school visits and community gathering.
  • Providing existing students with necessary information (timetables, results, transcripts, certificates etc.).
  • Liaison with academic department to ensure implementation of Admission and Registration policies.
  • Prepare and finalise the Dean’s Honour List.
  • Organizing the Graduation Ceremony.