Student Affairs

Departmental Objectives

  • To support and coordinate with Academic departments to improve students’ academic achievements.
  • To provide personalized counselling to CBFS students as and when required.
  • To provide diversified practical and need based experience to college students.
  • To liaison with all the departments of the college to address the student related issues.
Departmental Responsibilities

  • Providing academic advice to students facing issues with academic achievement.
  • Ensuring proper academic progress and success rate in achievement.
  • Recognizing high academic achievers and awarding them under the Dean’s list.
  • Assisting students financially and funding through CBFS scholarship programs to ensure the studies of the students are successfully completed.
  • Organizing workshops to develop personal skills and competencies.
  • Providing one to one counselling sessions in a confidential environment.
  • Providing and engaging students in non-academic activities to promote confidence and leadership.
  • Organizing various participations/visits/trips in and out of Oman.
  • Communicating with academic departments regarding any academic related issues of the students.
  • Ensuring student discipline by using various organizational practices.
  • Communicating with non-academic departments in terms of finance, health and safety and registration issues.