Internship and Graduate

Student Internships

The College of Banking and Financial Studies provides internship opportunities for CBFS students in order to enrich their learning experience and give them a valuable hands-on exposure.

During an internship students accumulate various types of skills. Internships can be viewed as a bridge between classroom learning and the practical side. Internships make the theories learnt in the classroom clearer and more meaningful to the student.

With the current job market for recent college graduates more competitive than ever, internships have become increasingly important and provide many potential benefits for employers and students.

The Internship and Graduate Follow-up Unit provides eight weeks student internship to give students the chance to acclimatize with the job environment and promote skill development.

Types of Internship

  • Mandatory internship:

    which is part of fulfilling graduation requirements. This applies to CBFS degree students.

  • Optional internship:

    students of other programmes such as HND, Bradford degrees and ACCA.

Internship pre-requisite

  • HND

    the student has to complete 2 semesters

  • CBFS Degree:

    the student has to complete 4 semesters

  • UOB Degree:

    the student has to complete stage 1

  • ACCA:

    The student has to complete four papers i.e. F1, F2, F3 and F4

Benefits of Internship for Students

Students will benefit from doing internships and will gain many transferrable skills. Due to the strong correlation between students who undergo internships and getting a job. The College of Banking and Financial Studies encourages its students to undergo multiple internships. So by the time they graduate they should have at least undergone 2 – 3 internships.

Internship Tips

The College of Banking and Financial Studies encourages its students to get the best out of internships. Below are a few tips of how students can stand out an interns:

  • Proper attire (dress code).
  • Be respectful, but assertive.
  • Practice professionalism and good time management.
  • Get to know your supervisor/mentor– and their work style.
  • Ask relevant questions and at the right time.
  • Be flexible.
  • Take initiative, but accept guidance.
  • Ask for feedback.
  • Challenge yourself.
  • Create a set of goals and stand by them.
  • Meet people from different teams and learn about their roles.
  • Volunteer to help out on projects not assigned to you.
  • Add your own value and ideas to projects.
  • Think out of the box – be creative.
  • Go above and beyond, filling in the gaps with your own research and common sense.
  • When your tasks are complete, ask for more. Be a hard worker.
  • Stay ahead of your boss by predicting needs before you’re asked.
  • Take all of your tasks – no matter how small – seriously.
  • Don’t act like an intern – become part of the team.
Student Testimonials

“The internship improved the way I deal and interact in a multi-cultural environment. After participating in the internship, I believe my skills and abilities improved with respect to critical thinking, self-confidence, self-learning, work ethics and lifelong learning. Overall, I am very satisfied with my internship” Intern on B.S.c Accounting, Auditing & Finance – Orpic

“My internship improved my communication skills” Intern on B.S.c Accounting, Auditing & Finance– PWC

“The environment is excellent and the work is interesting” Intern on B.S.c Accounting, & Finance– Occidental

“My internship was successful in enhancing my learning and helped me to clarify my career goals. Overall, the experience was fantastic and I learned a lot, I also gained new skills when it comes to Accounting and dealing with clients” Intern on B.S.c Accounting & Finance – Grant Thornton Oman

Career Development Workshops

The College of Banking and Financial Studies provides Career Services and Guidance which assist students in preparing for employment and planning their future careers.

Career Development Workshops

Reputed speakers are invited to conduct various career development workshops to develop student skills and prepare them to meet the expectations of the industry. Some of the workshops include leadership skills, career skills, Confidence and Personality Building, How to Talk About Yourself: Successful Interviewing Tips & Strategies’, Effective Resumes and Cover Letters and Personal Effectiveness Programme.

Workshops to be conducted in Academic Year 2017-18

  • Be in Demand for the job Market 

    – October 2019

  • How to be successful in the workplace

    – November 2019

Career Guidance

The College of Banking and Financial Studies provides one to one career counselling sessions on topics such as career planning, job search, CV development, interview tips, internship opportunities and how to prepare for them. Appointments can be sought through the IGF Unit, at the same time walk in students are also attended to.

Career Fair

The College of Banking and Financial Studies organizes annually a career and training opportunities fair to put students/graduates in direct contact with recruiters and give them the chance to explore training/career opportunities and get acquainted with potential employers.

Further, the career fair aims at improving the relationship between the College and the various employment sectors and provide an opportunity for the participating organizations to identify capabilities of the students and graduates of the College of Banking and Financial Studies.

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  • Alumni: awaiting Alumni Council to be formed.
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