Islamic Finance

Departmental Objectives

  • To institutionalise the unit via all appropriate ways and means in specified time spans. Reference could be made the Islamic Finance road map submitted to the College in end 2015.
  • To meet the common training needs of the Islamic financial sector.
  • To generate revenue and achieve targets by meeting the specific training needs of organisations.
  • To supplement the classroom training with alternative learning channels, by for example, introducing IT use and reliance in course design and delivery, which provide flexibility of the time and place of learning to the participants.
  • To foster Islamic financial industry engagement and professional development activities.
Departmental Responsibilities

  • To conduct periodic Training Needs Analysis.
  • To design and implement the Annual Training Plan.
  • To generate revenue by offering customised training courses as per requests received from organisations.
  • To offer off the shelf e-learning courses within the limits of the approved budget line for this purpose.
  • To offer training and/or assessments leading to certification by reputed bodies.
  • To organise meetings of the proposed dedicated task force for Islamic Finance education, capacity building and research.
  • To craft associations with leading international bodies to institutionalise Islamic Finance in college via the unit.
  • To submit periodic activity reports to the Management and the Board of Directors.
  • To prepare the annual budget for the departmental activities.
  • To groom deserving students into trainers/lecturers and to plan and conduct required T.O.Ts.
  • To contribute/assist in College and local efforts to promote Islamic finance including on the basis of CSR.