Human Resource

Departmental Objectives


  • To attract highly qualified candidates.
  • To select the best candidates to work at CBFS.
  • To familiarize the new employees with CBFS working environments.
  • To enhance staff retention.

Human Resource Development

  • To enhance the current HR skills with relevant training programs.
  • To develop the staff academically and professionally.

Performance Management

  • To manage the process of staff performance.
Departmental Responsibilities

Recruitment / Selection /Induction

  • To apply staff regulations.
  • To ensure transparency of selection process.
  • To increase of Omanization.

Human Resource Development

  • To identify the training needs of the staff.
  • To involve the staff in relevant training programs.
  • To support the staff in developing their skills and knowledge academically and professionally.

Performance Management

  • To prepare the needed documentation of staff performance.
  • To make sure that the staff are aware of their performance appraisals criteria’s.
  • To analyse the outcome of staff performance appraisals.

Benefits and Compensation

  • To prepare payroll and other monetary benefits as per Staff Regulations.
  • To ensure completion of formalities upon staff resignation.

Staff Welfare and Support

  • Review policies related to HR Department.
  • Keeping staff informed about any emerging policies and rules.