Departmental Objectives

  • To provide infrastructure to support teaching and learning.
  • To develop Administration Department plans. To maintain assets management.
  • To implement procurement procedures. To plan and control administrative budget.
  • To manage annual services contracts.
  • To ensure health and safety procedures are in place To offer timely nursing healthcare facility.
Departmental Responsibilities

  • To provide all needed departmental resources.
  • To deliver timely responsive services.
  • To establish a budget covering short term needs and best value over the long term.
  • To keep CBFS assets in good condition so that departmental targets can be met.
  • To keep CBFS site and its buildings, utilities, and grounds in a functional, attractive state.
  • To procure all necessary materials needed for operation of CBFS.
  • To file Administration Department’s functions in the proper way and filing standard.
  • To maintain health and safety management system in CBFS.
  • To implement health and safety policies and plans.
  • To provide first aid nursing care facilities.