Departmental Objectives

  • To meet the common training needs of the banking sector.
  • To generate revenue by meeting the specific training needs of organisations.
  • To supplement the classroom training with alternative learning channels which provide flexibility of the time and place of learning to the participants.
  • To foster industry engagement and professional development activities.
Departmental Responsibilities

  • To conduct periodic Training Needs Analysis.
  • To design and implement the Annual Training Plan.
  • To generate revenue by offering customised training courses as per requests received from organisations.
  • To offer off the shelf e-learning courses within the limits of the approved budget line for this purpose.
  • To offer training and/or assessments leading to certification by reputed bodies.
  • To organise meetings of the College Academic Advisory Committee (CAAC) and HR Forum.
  • To monitor the regularity of the professional development activities of the sponsored professional Chapters by calling for periodic reports and their submission to the Board of Directors of the College.
  • To submit periodic activity reports to the management and the Board of Directors.
  • To prepare the annual budget for the departmental activities.