Centre for Preparatory Studies

Departmental Objectives

  • To provide a high quality, internationally accredited General Foundation Programme within the region.
  • To provide and deliver effective, quality courses to meet student’s academic needs in higher studies in Banking and Finance in CBFS programmes.
  • To offer on-going quality student support, an effective student learning experience, and improved student performance to produce communicatively competent GFP graduates to perform effectively in CBFS academic programmes.
Departmental Responsibilities

  • Provide effective delivery of courses through proven methodology by qualified, experienced faculty.
  • Evaluate and develop teaching and learning methodology and practices.
  • Achieve and maintain acceptable student progression, retention and completion rates.
  • Develop skills-based syllabuses to deliver effective courses to improve student proficiency.
  • Provide regular assessments to gauge effectiveness of student learning and course content.
  • Evaluate programme and faculty effectiveness and student satisfaction through regular feedback channels.
  • Actively liaise with local or international institutions to benchmark GFP good practice.
  • Provide student learning support through academic advising and additional tuition.
  • Provide students with activities and events to actively engage in and apply learning.
  • Develop the GFP within guidelines established by contract and college regulations.