The College of Banking and Financial Studies (CBFS) has always championed the importance of quality throughout its organization.In 2009 CBFS established a Quality Assurance Unit (QAU), with one of its core objectives to prepare the institution for all forthcoming Oman Academic Accreditation Authority (OAAA) accreditation events.The QAU works closely with all College’s Faculties and Departments, to ensure that quality standards are continuously being maintained and enhanced throughout the institution..

The College has a robust policy management and committee structure in place that safeguards the quality principles of the institution.This assures that checks and measures are in place to monitor standards, as well as, making sure that information relating to the quality of CBFS’s provision, is made available to all levels of the organization.

Roles and Responsibilities


  • Leads and assists in the production of OAAA; Quality Audit, ISAA, and PSAA portfolios
  • Implements changes as directed by OAAA reports


  • Conducts Internal Quality Audits and produces reports that include recommendations and action plans
  • Directs the development and management of Academic Depts’. Risk registers


  • Policy management – reviews existing policies and assists in the development of new policies for approval
  • Organisational Structure – Regularly reviews and updates the CBFS organisational structure
  • Committee Structure & TsoR – Annually reviews and updates the CBFS committee structure and TsoR as required

Institutional Development

  • Provides support in the implementation of change management
  • Advocates a philosophy of continuous improvement amongst all CBFS staff
  • Champions a culture of the sharing of good practice amongst all CBFS staff

Institutional Research

  • Produces surveys, analyse the results and disseminate to relevant Faculties/Depts
  • Guides and facilitates local and international benchmarking events


  • Facilitates in the development of CBFS’s Strategic Plan, including as required
  • Reviewing and updating of CBFS’s mission, vison, and values
  • Supports the development of Departmental Operational Plans
  • Delivers CBFS’s Operational Statement at the end of each semester

Quality Assurance and Enhancement

  • Responsible for providing Action Plans to surveys and follow up
  • Conducts Focus group sessions, as and when required
  • Identify and implement good practice from within the Omani and International HE community where applicable


  • Quality Audit Portfolio Submission – December 2010
  • Quality Audit Panel Visit – March 2011
  • Quality Audit Report Published – October 2011
  • Institutional Standards Assessment Application Submission – September 2017
  • Institutional Standards Assessment Application Panel Visit – February 2018
  • GFP Quality Audit Portfolio Submission – November 2018
  • GFP Quality Audit Panel Visit – February 2019

Philip Barber Director of Quality Assurance Ext. 713
Samir Sanil Quality Officer Ext. 711
Andrea Mathew Quality Officer Ext. 712