Career Center


Mission Statement

The Section of Human Resources Management, through the guiding principles of CBFS Staff Regulations, provides recruitment and selection, job evaluation, training and development, staff retention and human resource management support to all departments to promote excellence in the services of CBFS.

Guiding Principles

The Human Resources Department is committed to:

  • Excellence in support services provided to CBFS staff.
  • Being people oriented, stressing responsiveness in service delivery.
  • Being representative of the staff of CBFS.
  • Being accountable and transparent in everything we do.

We believe:

  • That people are the most valuable asset.
  • In the value of incorporating CBFS knowledge, wisdom and culture into our operations.
  • In respect for diversity that communication is essential for success.
  • That we always must strive for excellence and that continuous improvement must be fostered as an integral part of our organizational culture.
  • In respect for each other and the work we do.
  • In turning our values into action.