Bachelor of Science in Data Science (Specialization in Artificial Intelligence or Business Analytics)


Department of Undergraduate Studies


The Bachelor of Science in Data Science is a 4-year program that equips the graduates with the necessary knowledge and skills to draw sound conclusions from data in an era where all industries are data-driven. This academic programme is designed to allow students to comprehend the entire life cycle of data and prepare them to compile, interpret and act on data based on computational and statistical modelling. During the first three years of the study, students will study core modules in data science, such as programming languages, algorithms, data mining, and business intelligence tools. In their final year, students will have the opportunity to specialise in either Artificial Intelligence or Business Analytics. The Artificial Intelligence Pathway will allow students to utilise cutting-edge technologies to manage large amounts of data to gain insights and facilitate decision-making. This involves gaining hands-on experience by learning related topics, such as machine learning, robotics, and human-computer interactions. The Business Analytics Pathway focuses on the statistical aspects of data analysis to facilitate data interpretation, presentation, and prediction. This is done through various modules, such as forensic analysis and financial modelling.

Future Jobs

Data Science Field:
Data Scientist
Data Mining Analyst
Fraud Analyst
Data Governance Specialist
Data Engineer
Data Management Specialist
Data Controller
Data Practitioner
Data Protection Specialist
Big Data Specialist
Data Centre Specialist
Software Engineer
System Analyst
Enterprise Information Architect
Operations Research Analyst
Web Analyst
Marketing Analyst

Artificial Intelligence Field:
AI Research Engineer
AI Engineer
Intelligent Systems Specialist
AI Consultant
IoT Specialist
Smart City Advisor
Metaverse Advisor
Machine Learning Scientist

Business Analytics Field:
Statistical Consultant
Business Data Analyst
Business Analytics Executive
Business Intelligence Specialist
Business Planning Analyst
Information & Statistics Advisor
Performance Insights Analyst


Nature of Work:

Office, Technical

BSc in Data Science Modules
Common Modules



Year 1 – Sem 1

Linear Algebra

Principles of Marketing

Principles of Accounting

Fundamentals of Computing and Information Systems

Technical Writing



Year 1 – Sem 2

Calculus 1

Introduction to Programming

Quantitative Methods for Business

Principles of Business Management

Business Communication



Year 2 -Sem 3

Advanced Programming

Introduction to Data Science

Calculus 2

Introduction to Business Analytics

Research Methods



Year 2 – Sem 4

Algorithms and Problem-Solving

Managing Information Security

Software Engineering for Data Science

Database Management




Year 3 – Sem 5

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

Fundamentals of Big Data


Project Management (PMP)

Organizational Behaviour



Year 3 – Sem 6

Data Mining and Information Retrieval

Web Designing and Data Integration

Data Science Ethics

Advanced Statistics for Data Science

Employability skills

Artificial Intelligence Pathway



Year 4 – Sem 7

Applied Machine Learning

Human-Computer Interaction

Natural Language Processing

Specialization Elective

Research Project 1


Deep Learning

Year 4 – Sem 8

Deep Learning

Fundamentals of Robotics

Specialization Elective

Business Law

Research Project 2

Business Analytics Pathway



Year 4 – Sem 7

Multivariate analysis

Data Visualization and Reporting


Specialization Elective

Research Project 1


Advanced Statistics for Data Science

Year 4 – Sem 8

Forensic Analytics and Digital Investigations

Financial Modelling & Forecasting

Specialization Elective

Business Law

Research Project 2


May - August

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  • T.T.A. Rohanaraj - Director of Undergraduate Department
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  • Ms. Zamzam Al-Tamtami
    Administrative Assistant - Undergraduate Studies Department
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