Bachelor of Business Administration – Human Resources

Bachelor of Business Administration – Human Resources


Department of Undergraduate Studies


The degree aims to provide an in-depth knowledge in Human Resources related aspects of business and to develop unique skills in Internal Communication and Organizational Analysis. It is also assists decision making and problem solving in industry relevant areas and aims to add value to aspirants to managerial positions related to the field of Human Resourses.

Entry Requirements
  • Diploma in Accounting, Finance, Human Resource, Marketing, Banking or its equivalent
  • A direct entry into the program after completing the Higher Secondary School level.
  • Proof of proficiency in English language (a score of at least 5.0 with reading and writing at least 4.5 in the IELTS test of English, (unless their first degree was taught in English) is a must.
Examining Authorities

College of Banking and Financial Studies


It will take 4 years (8 semesters) to complete the program on a full-time mode, assuming the student has met the entry requirements.

Programme Content


Semester One

  • Business Math (UG019)
  • Principles of Business Management (UG066)
  • Financial Accounting -1(UG036)
  • Microeconomics (UG087)
  • Technical writing (UG135)

Semester Two

  • Financial Management (UG038)
  • Principles of Statistics (UG099)
  • Oman Business Law (UG090)
  • Financial Accounting -2 (UG037)
  • Business Communication (UG014)

Semester Three

  • Macroeconomics (UG079)
  • Organisational Behavior (UG094)
  • International Business Management (UG059)
  • Principles of Marketing (UG098)
  • Electronic Business (UG031)

Semester Four

  • Introduction to Human Resource Management (UG067)
  • Investment Management (UG069)
  • Employability Skills (UG136)
  • Small Business Management (UG120)
  • Research Methodology (UG049)

Semester Five
  • Consumer Behaviour (UG023)
  • Management Information Systems (UG080)
  • Project management (UG104)
  • Quantitative Analysis for Management Decisions (UG105)
  • Oman and Islamic Civilization (UG089)

Semester Six

  • Operation Management (UG093)
  • Entrepreneurship (UG033)
  • Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability(UG026)
  • Oman Labour Law (UG091)
  • Internship (UG065)

Internship at the end of year 3 (compulsory)


Semester Seven
  • Strategic Management (UG123)
  • Work Psychology (UG134)
  • Elective 1
  • Elective 2
  • Research Project -1 (UG101)

Elective Subjects – Semester 7 - HR Pathway (* any two from each group)

  • Managing Organizational Change (UG083)
  • Business Leadership Theory and Practice (UG018)
  • Human Resource Audit (UG046)
  • Employee Relations (UG032)

Semester 8 - HR Pathway- Core Subjects

  • Strategic Human Resource Management (UG122)
  • Business Ethics in a Global Community (UG016)
  • Elective 3
  • Elective 4
  • Research Project-2 (UG102)
Elective Subjects – Semester 8 - HR Pathway (* any two from each group)
  • Human Resource Development (UG047)
  • Performance and Compensation Management (UG095)
  • International Human Resource Management (UG062)
  • International and Comparative Employee Relations (UG057)

*Sequence of the modules may change subject to requirements.
List of Electives: Electives could be given in groups, so that it specifies the semester number


May - August

Contact Details
  • T.T.A. Rohanaraj - Director of Undergraduate Department
    Office lines: 22059848
  • Ms. Zamzam Al-Tamtami
    Administrative Assistant - Undergraduate Studies Department
    Office lines: 22059822